Interventional pain management – clinical outcome of steroid injection and ablative radiofrequency in 43 patients

In this Case series, study author Achmad Fahmi compares between outcomes of using radiofrequency with using steroid injection. Feel free to join the discussion with the author. Interventional pain management was performed on 43 patients with axial and radicular pain, of which 41 suffered a degenerative process of the spine, 1 had failed back surgery … Continue reading

Some key trends in the pharma business

These are some notes we have scribbled down about how we perceive the landscape is changing for pharmaceutical companies. The big pharma players such as Pfizer, Merck and GSK are looking a bit shaky as their block-buster drugs are coming off patent and their pipeline is simply not of the caliber of 10-20 years ago, … Continue reading

Another poster with more than 50 visits

Another poster with more than 50 visits is a study into “Reducing maternal mortality from obstetrical hemorrhage in rural Nigeria”, via a non-definitive treatment for obstetric hemorrhage but with a suitable initial intervention of proven efficacy. This pilot programme was carried out using the Zoex NIASG. One more example of the complexity of reducing maternal … Continue reading

3000 visits to the FIGO poster

After only 1 week since the XX FIGO Ob/Gyn World Congress finished, the Virtual Poster Gallery has received more than 3000 visits. The most visited poster, downloaded 135 times, is a study led by Nicole Pope et al. of Burton Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom: “A successful treatment of a Caesarean Scar Pregnancy (CSP) with … Continue reading